Cat 789D: Customisable design for improved performance

Cat 789D: Customisable design for improved performance

Caterpillar's 789D mining truck builds on over 30 years of proven performance for the 789 model, boasting features that enhance performance, productivity, safety and serviceability.

Exclusive design ownership means that the Cat 789D is a total hauling unit that's built to last and tailored to optimise production, availability and payload (its nominal payload capacity is 181 metric tonnes), while keeping operating costs low.

Customers have the flexibility to configure the truck for specific applications – here's a rundown of the options:

  • Choose between the Cat 3516B engine and the 3516C EUI Quad turbocharged diesel engine, both of which deliver high power and reliability.
  • The 3516C engine complies with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions requirements, and uses an Air To Air Aftercooler to reduce air temperatures even further, optimising fuel efficiency and emissions levels.
  • The 3516B engine has a separate circuit aftercooler, which allows the aftercooler circuit to operate cooler than jacket water temperature for a denser air charge and heightened combustion efficiency.
Body and tyres
  • Customers can choose from a variety of Cat truck bodies, including Mine Specific Design (MSD II), X, Combination, Gateless Coal and Dual Slope bodies.
  • Bodies can be customised further with a variety of options including tail extensions, sideboards, tumble bars, rock boxes and rock shedders to maintain rated payload, reduce spillage and improve hauling efficiency.
  • The design accommodates larger tyres, which, in some hauling conditions, will last longer and reduce costs.
  • Popular attachments have been packaged up into arrangements, so customers can select a cab type that's equipped with desired features. These include a Standard Cab, Deluxe Cab or Deluxe Cold Weather Cab. They're all ergonomically designed, of course, and they feature a heated and ventilated operator seat.
Monitoring system
  • Cat's Vital Information Management System (VIMS) on the 789D provides critical machine health and payload data in real time. The optional addition of VIMS-PC allows service personnel to download a complete record of machine health and productivity data to a laptop for diagnosis and analysis. VIMS Supervisor software can also be added, allowing mine management to easily interpret data for fleet management and productivity monitoring.
  • Choosing the Road Analysis Control (RAC) optional system allows customers to monitor haul road conditions by measuring frame rack, pitch and bias to improve haul road maintenance, cycle times, tyre life and fuel efficiency.
  • An optional fast-fill service centre enables high-speed fueling and oil exchange, and customers can opt for quick-change rims to simplify tyre replacement.
  • An optional oil renewal system extends engine oil-change intervals from 500 hours to 4,000 hours or more, boosting machine availability and reducing costs.

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Published 28 June, 2019
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