Love has no colour

Love has no colour

Today I intend to touch upon a raw nerve, an undercurrent of beliefs that baffle the most ardent of specialists. It's rife in our industry and is discrimination of the highest order, we're talking Machine Racism. That's right, let's call it for what it is, discrimination of a machine based upon its colour and origin. Fleets of same colour machines running around with not another coloured machine on site, someone call a royal commission, you must...! A little overkill perhaps though, I'm sure you get my drift; be it orange, white or shade of yellow, the best players aren't always on the field.

So today, with colour in mind, I look at Hitachi's EX1200 Excavator. As distinctive for its colour orange, as it is, it's track record. A digger that continues to impress and some might say, lead its class. Marketed in the 120t category and pitched in the 'large' excavator range, this machine's competitors include Komatsu's PC1250, Liebherr's R 9150 and most recently, Caterpillar's supersized 6015B with an operating weight of 140t.

Introduced in 2001 and now in its second evolution, the Series 6 machine can be found operating in a range of mining applications, quarries and civil-engineering projects. Unlike some of its competitors, Hitachi have opted for a simple and effective Cummins QSK23 engine, a highly regarded and reliable engine, with parts readily available. Sporting an increased weight, this digger works effortlessly with a range of buckets from 5.2 to 6.7m3.

Like so many of Japan's multinationals, Hitachi is well-respected. As a manufacturer, they produce quality equipment and have a respected pedigree in producing a full suite of excavators, from 1.88t mini excavators, through to their 800t EX8000.

Perhaps most telling, is the feedback provided by owners and operators of these diggers, an opinion that is generally consistent and positive in relation serviceability, reliability, productivity and resale value. And while I admit I'm as guilty as most when it comes to machine racism, this orange machine holds its own and warrants attention; even if mixes up your colour palette. To find out more, go to

This article was originally published by the Components Only team in the July - August 2017 issue of "@ The Coal Face" magazine.

Published 17 July, 2017
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