Innovation in Manufacturing

Looking back to early 1900's and comparing what car manufacturing is today. I can't help but wonder, have we lost the attention to detail while pushing the pace on production time? Or have we just become more efficient? In 1916 Ford produced 2,768 vehicles in one single day with the main source being "Man Power". In recent times, new technology has been introduced which revolutionised production manufacturing 16 vehicles every 60 seconds. The assembly time for one single vehicle has dropped from 12 hours to approximately 90 minutes. But are they built with the same quality? Does Ford still hold a passion for the industry? states "By reducing the money, time and manpower needed to build cars as they refined the assembly line over the years, Ford was able to drop the price of the Model T from $850 to less than $300. For the first time in history, quality vehicles were affordable." Which was the cemented rule Henry Ford had for his company – To make quality affordable cars for families.

"Ford's new approach spread rapidly, not only to other automakers but also to manufacturers of phonographs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and other consumer goods," said Bob Casey, former curator of transportation at The Henry Ford. "The assembly line became the characteristic American mode of production."

With a long list of industry recognitions from quality of cars to affordability and innovative design, should it still be in question if Ford have let down the former Henry Ford with the new process? Absolutely not. It is proven that you are surrounded by quality threads when you sit in the driver seat of a car that is badged with Ford. It would be safe to say Henry Ford would stand incredibly proud of his company today as he did when it began. What innovative manufacturing process will they think of next?

Published 21 March, 2017
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