WorkSafe inspection program to focus on Perth construction sites

WorkSafe inspection program to focus on Perth construction sites

Western Australia's primary workplace health and safety division has announced its plans to heighten inspections of construction sites within Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs next week. The program will be mostly aimed towards electrical safety and working at heights while also ensuring all workers possess High Risk Work Licenses and construction induction training cards when applicable.

John Reilly, Acting Director of WorkSafe in WA, has outlined the purpose of next week's efforts as part of proactive inspection programs which systematically work through specific geographical locations.

"As with all of WorkSafe's proactive programs, the primary objective of the inspection program is to help employers to identify risks to the safety and health of workers and provide them with information on how to comply with workplace safety laws," Mr Reilly said.

"However, if the inspectors come across breaches of the workplace safety laws, they will take enforcement action.

"Importantly, inspectors will be looking to ensure that the safety of members of the public in the vicinity of construction sites in the CBD is not compromised, especially where work is taking place overhead."

WorkSafe has notified relevant employers of the upcoming inspections in the hope that the approach will prove an effective way of keeping construction companies accountable for safety in the workplace.

"We firmly believe that raising awareness with proactive inspection programs is the best way in which to lessen the risk of work-related injury and illness," Mr Reilly said.

Workplace health and safety is no joke

This announcement highlights how important it is for companies in any industry — not just construction — to follow all workplace regulations when it comes to health and safety. While the wellbeing of your workers should always be a priority, you may be unaware of the risks associated with certain practices and how it could both cause harm to your employees and land your business in legal trouble.

Even if no inspections have been announced in your area, there is no room for complacency as you may be caught off guard. Keep your business following safe industry practices as per the relevant regulations and ensure your team stays fully trained, accountable and up to date.

Employers within the upcoming inspection area or anywhere else in WA can find out more by visiting WorkSafe at For those located elsewhere in Australia, find more information from the national body and access links to various state regulators at

Published 1 April, 2016
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