New, Used or Rebuilt? What You Should Consider Before Buying Components

New, Used or Rebuilt? What You Should Consider Before Buying Components

When you need heavy equipment components, it can be hard to work out what condition to buy them in. Deciding between new, used and rebuilt parts involves weighing up a number of different factors, and it is worth taking the time to consider them all in order to put your business in the best possible position. While there are many different pieces of the puzzle, we have outlined the key benefits of each to help simplify the process and guide you to a choice that reflects the needs of your business.

Why choose new?

Buying a component in new condition provides a number of advantages right from the outset. For one, the part is coming straight from the manufacturer and ready to offer you maximum performance without a hitch. In comparison, older components can sometimes carry a higher risk of failure and require more frequent maintenance, ending up in similar overall costs for your business.

On top of that, many new components come coupled with a warranty that provides peace of mind in the event of unexpected repairs. Many businesses opt for a newly manufactured part to leave no room for error or unpredictability.

Advantages of used components

Don’t get stuck assuming used parts are broken. It’s pretty easy to fall into this trap, especially if you are used to looking at cheaper commercial goods, which are often of questionable quality. However, it’s important to realise that second hand does not necessarily mean second best, especially when looking at components that are relatively new with a short history of use. In addition, you may find parts that have suffered from mere aesthetic damage but still function at 100% capacity.

That said, when it comes down to it, price is undoubtedly the biggest reason to opt for a second hand component, as parts are quick to lose value once they have been pre-owned regardless of the condition they are in. As a result, prices can be considerably lower than newly manufactured parts and allows your business to make huge savings without a significant sacrifice on quality.

Rebuilt can offer the best of both worlds

In a sense, rebuilt components fall in between new and used. By definition, they cannot be put on the market as new but usually offer a similar level of performance. Depending on the manufacturer, rebuilt products can be made with either entirely new parts or a mixture of new and used — either way, they tend to be more consistently reliable while still reducing your costs.

In the end, the right choice will vary greatly depending on your circumstances and budget. However, considering the points outlined above will help give you a starting point from which you can identify the pros and cons when shopping for components. The Components Only team is on hand if you need any help, so feel free to contact us at any time for advice based around your needs.

Published 4 March, 2016
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